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Looking for a job in the Mining, Transportation or Construction industry as a Drug and Alcohol tester? Or are you currently working in Health and Safety and require a nationally recognised Drug and Alcohol testing qualification?

The Gold Coast Training College can help you. We provide a nationally accredited Drug and Alcohol Testing course 10414NAT Course in drug and alcohol testing, that only requires a single day’s attendance to complete and is approved by all major industry throughout Australia. Our course complies with Australian standards and we offer discounts for group training. This course is offered in partnership with Parasol EMT RTO #2551. Parasol EMT will issue the statement of attainment following completion of the course.

The Demand For Drug and Alcohol Testers

Any industry that involves the operation of dangerous machinery, vehicles or other devices that require absolute precision and acute awareness at all times, have an essential need for Drug and Alcohol Testing professionals. Intoxication is hazardous to the workplace and presents a number of potentially harmful problems:

  • It inhibits the safety of the affected individual and those around him/her, creating an unsafe work environment
  • It increases the likelihood of a work-related injury or fatality
  • It hinders worker productivity
Drug and Alcohol Testing Methods

Drug and Alcohol testing typically requires the collection of urine or saliva samples. In accordance with Australian standards (AS/NZS 4308), urine samples are tested for the following major drug classes:

  • Cannabis
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates
  • Amphetamines
  • Benzodiazepines
Drug and Alcohol Testing Course Outcome

Upon completion of our Drug and Alcohol testing courses, all graduates will possess the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct urine and saliva tests and identify the presence of Alcohol and major drug groups in the urine and saliva samples of individual subjects, in accordance with Australian standards. Qualified Drug and Alcohol testers are in high demand throughout all major industries in Australia and job prospects exist right across the country. Full qualification only requires a single day’s attendance. This is an excellent opportunity that simply cannot be missed.

Individuals $850

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