Fee Free Beauty Training – NSW

Training venue TBA

Gold Coast Training College will be providing fee free beauty training in the following:

SHBBBOS007 Apply cosmetics tanning products

SHBBFAS004 Provide lash and brow services

SHBBMUP009 Design and apply makeup

SHBBMUP010 Design and apply makeup for photography

SHBXWHS003 Apply safe hygiene, health and work practices

SHBBINF002 Maintain infection control standards

Training is funded by NSW Smart and Skilled fee free for eligible participants.

Training Dates: TBA

To be eligible for Smart and Skilled training you must:

  • be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, humanitarian visa holder or New Zealand citizen
  • be aged 15 years or older
  • live or work in NSW, and
  • no longer be at school.
  • Must fit into a category below:
    1. A Veteran
    2. A Veteran’s Recognised Partner (includes Spouse, Recognised De-facto or
    Ex-Spouse/Recognised De-facto)
    3. A person aged 16 to 24 at commencement of training, regardless of
    employment status, including Year 12 school leavers
    4. A person who is a recipient of a Commonwealth Government welfare
    benefit (and their dependents)
    5. An unemployed person