The Certificate I in Communication is a nationally accredited course focusing on basic skills for communicating in the workplace. Classes are small and students will receive one to one teaching in a supportive environment.

Skills learnt include:
  • Basic written and verbal communication skills
  • Understand your own learning style
  • Develop practical solutions to simple problems
  • Using technology and related equipment in the classroom & workplace
  • Is this course right for you?
  • This qualification is designed to assist students in basic writing and communication skills, enabling them to enter further training or employment.
Course Length

This qualification is provided alongside other certificate level programs, although may be completed independently for some students.

Course delivery

Delivery of this course is structured around the students individual learning plan.

Subject List

This qualification consists of:

QLD190PTA01A: Formulate and review individual training plan
QLD191LGS03A: Develop, experiment with and apply learning strategies
QLD191RDG03A: Demonstrate a knowledge of routine texts
QLD191LST03A: Respond to routine spoken English texts in familiar and some unfamiliar texts
QLD191SPK03A: Use spoken English in familiar and some unfamiliar texts
QLD191WRT03A: Write routine texts

Assessments for each unit of competency include question-and-answer, projects, assignments and final discussion of learning experiences.